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Наращивание ресниц


Eyelashes are an essential feature of your eye that serve multiple functions, from shielding your eye from dust and debris to enhancing your beauty. Some of us are drawn to that Rachel vibe, while others resonate with Phoebe's energy. And then some lean towards Sporty or embrace Dolly's authenticity.

But the allure of the natural look speaks to those seeking to elevate their style with a dash of flair.


Natural lashes, or natural-looking eyelash extensions, are all about enhancing your lashes while keeping them looking as authentic as possible. It's like giving your lashes a little boost while keeping that "just woke up like this" vibe. Achieving this natural look is doable with the right lash artist by your side. Your artist will apply them similarly to classic eyelash extensions with a slight twist. Every natural lash gets an extension with classic extensions, but with natural eyelashes, only about 60-80% of your natural lashes are processed. This approach ensures a more natural look.


These extensions are like a magic wand for your eyes, offering a glamorous yet elegant look. But what sets them apart from other extensions? Here are three reasons why these extensions are the ultimate choice for your eyes:

1. No Visible Strip

The beauty of natural lashes lies in their integration with your lashes. Unlike traditional ones, no visible strip or band joins them, ensuring a smooth and realistic appearance. They blend smoothly with your own lashes, leaving no tell-tale gaps or contrasts.

2. Ultralight Natural Lashes

They feel like a gentle breeze on your eyelids. Feather-light and cozy to wear, they won't weigh down your eyelids or cause discomfort. You can comfortably flaunt them all day long without feeling any stress or irritation in your eyes.

3. Moves Flexibly with Your Eyelid

Natural lashes are like the perfect dance partner for your eyelids. They effortlessly match your eyelid's existing curve and edge, moving in sync with your eye expressions and gestures. Soft and fluttery, they're not rigid like traditional lashes, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long.


Natural eyelashes come in different materials, and each type has its unique qualities to enhance your look. First up are synthetic fibers. They're super durable, budget-friendly, and easy to shape and style. But they might not feel as soft and shiny as the real deal. Then there are silk sourced- they're like the luxury option! Smooth and lightweight, with a matte finish and curl, they give off that effortlessly elegant vibe. And finally, the human hair source. They're sourced from donors with healthy, long lashes and are carefully cleaned and processed to keep them safe and hygienic. They have not been used for a long time because they are very allergenic and very expensive to use in eyelash extensions.


Regarding natural eyelash extensions, it's crucial to note that this meticulous procedure can only be performed by trained professionals within a salon setting. The specialized techniques in achieving your lashes' desired delicate enhancement require professional knowledge and skill. Through the artistry of your lash technician, your natural lashes can undergo a stunning transformation in just a single session. The result? A delicate yet noticeable enhancement in length and volume that seamlessly integrates with your own lashes. In a salon, each step is carried out with precision and care, ultimately leading to the flawless, natural-looking results you desire.


Say goodbye to mascara, curlers, and falsies. Say hello to custom-made Empress Secret Natural Extensions just for you!
You choose the length and thickness, to match your eye shape, style, and mood. Whether it is cat eye, glamorous doll eye, or anything in between, Empress Secret Natural Lash Extensions can make it happen!

Our lashes are also high-quality, handmade, cruelty-free, and vegan. They are gentle on your eyes and easy to care for. No more clumping, smudging, or falling off; all you have to do is follow the aftercare and enjoy your beautiful lashes for up to six weeks!
Boost your confidence, beauty, and power with your new lash look. Book now and explore more secrets about Natural Lash Extensions with Empress's Secret Eyelash Studio!


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