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Medium eyelash extensions


A medium volume full set is the perfect choice for those looking to achieve a glamorous yet natural look. With 100% coverage of the natural lashes, each and every lash is beautifully enhanced with 3-4 extensions. This carefully crafted technique ensures a fuller, more voluminous appearance without overpowering the eyes. By adding just the right amount of extensions, we create a seamless blend that is both stunning and undetectable. Say goodbye to sparse or uneven lashes and hello to a captivating, full set that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Trust our expertise and experience to deliver the perfect medium volume full set that will have everyone asking, "Are those your real lashes?"


The medium volume lash extension technique is highly sought after worldwide. This technique involves the application of 3-4 extensions onto a single natural hair, distinguishing it from other lash extension methods by the number of synthetic hairs used on each natural lash. The medium volume style is particularly suitable for those who prefer an easier personal care routine without compromising their own attractiveness.
Medium volume eyelash extensions offer the convenience of saving time and energy that would otherwise be spent on daily makeup application. With only one refill appointment needed per month, there is no longer a need to worry about smudged or clumpy mascara. Natural beauty is effortlessly enhanced, eliminating the necessity for makeup to achieve a stunning appearance. Medium volume lashes provide an expressive and vibrant look, while still maintaining a flawlessly natural appearance that is suitable for any occasion.
For women who are accustomed to constantly checking their reflection, they can now confidently tuck away their mirrors deep within their purses or leave them at home. Notably, models across the globe adore wearing medium volume lashes as they take advantage of the powerful lash volume to appear breathtakingly beautiful in photographs.


To prepare for a medium volume lash extension treatment, there are a few important steps to follow. Firstly, it is crucial to arrive with clean lashes and ensure that the area around them is also clean. This means avoiding wearing any makeup to the appointment and refraining from using waterproof mascara prior to the treatment. By doing so, you can guarantee that your lashes are completely makeup-free, allowing for a seamless lash extension application. It is also recommended to avoid using oil-based products around your eyes, as these can interfere with the adhesion of the lash extensions.
In addition, before the appointment, it is best to remove your contact lenses. This is to ensure that your eyes are comfortable and there are no obstructions during the treatment process. Furthermore, it is advisable to take a shower prior to the appointment as you should avoid showering immediately afterward. This is because the moisture from the shower can impact the drying process of the lash glue, which needs time to completely set.
By following these preparation steps, you can ensure that you are ready for a medium volume lash extension treatment. Your clean lashes, free from makeup or oil-based products, along with the removal of contact lenses, will provide a suitable canvas for the lash extensions to be applied. Taking a shower beforehand will also help to optimize the longevity and effectiveness of the lash glue. So, remember to arrive prepared and enjoy your lash extension experience.


The price for a medium volume lash extension set

Top Master  $200

Studio founder and top master $250

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