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Женщина с наращиванием ресниц


Lash extensions are among the most go-to and demanded services by women of all ages. You no longer have to worry about not having voluminous lashes when you can achieve fullness, length, and elegance by booking a lash appointment.

Whether you’re planning to expand your salon services and start taking lash appointments or learn about L curl lashes, we have all the information you need. Learn about L curl eyelashes, which is the best set, and which clients it looks better on!



L-curl lashes are those extensions designed to achieve a lifted and dramatic effect on the eyes. The reason why it is named L curl is because of the shape of the lash extension, which resembles the letter L when seen from the side.

L curl lashes differ from other lash curl extensions because of their curve and lift. The curl on the L-shaped angle starts close to the base of the lash and then straightens towards the tip. These L curl lashes provide a doe-like look as they open the eyes, making them wide-eyed.


Here are some situations where you apply the L curl lashes:

1. Clients with deep or droopy eyes: Clients with droopy eyes or deep eyes are the perfect candidates for L curl eyelash extensions as they open their eyes and help them look awake, especially if they are mature women. Such women need a much more delicate look to achieve attractive and sultry eyes.

2. Clients with round eyes and long, straight lashes: Such eyes can use multiple curls, especially if they want to avoid a surprising look. It’s essential to be careful when considering the kind of look your client wishes to achieve, whether it is a desired or natural lash look.

3. Clients with lined or monolid eyes: L curl eyelashes look amazing on lined or monolid eyes. It adds depth and thickness to their eyes without making them look heavy. The best thickness can be 0.05mm or 0.07mm.

4. Clients with almond eyes: It’s ideal for almond eyes as they have the right shape for eyelash extensions and curls. Almond eyes are stunning, and the L curl enhances the look even further making them look energetic and open.


Despite having a large curl, the L curl eyelash extensions can be applied to many types of extensions, enhancing the look of your eyes.

● Hybrid: This eyelash extension easily blends within the volume, making it more classic. Make sure to consider the proportions while paying a lot of attention. Add volume and apply it properly to avoid making the lashes feel heavy. Moreover, the volume lashes also need small and medium diameters, so the set looks gentle and elegant.

● Cat eyes: L-curl eyelash extensions and cat eyes are the perfect combo! These lashes curl up to the tip, making them look prominent without an eyeliner. This is perfect for parties, events, and even weddings! These also go well with colored lashes.


Classic Lashes

These add a longer and thicker look and make the lashes feel natural. In this technique, fine lashes enable the professional to attach one extension per lash. The set can be completed between 1 and 2 hours and a half. A set of 1 hour is needed to create it.

Russian Lashes

Russian lashes offer a voluminous, feather, and beautiful look! The technique uses ultra-fine and lightweight lashes, enabling the therapist to attach between 2 and 6 lash extensions per lash, boosting the volume of the lashes. A complete set takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to apply.


1. Which eyes and lash lines aren’t ideal for L curl?

Firstly, if the eyelashes are thin, weak, and sparse, you can’t do anything for them instead of taking good care of them. Secondly, the small lashes with narrow ends or downward pointing lashes aren’t the ideal frame and shape for L curl lashes as they will look very heavy.

2. How long do lash extensions usually last?

With proper care, your lash extensions can easily last you up to six weeks.

3.What is the best way to store lash adhesive?

The best way to store your lash glue is to hold it upright in a dry and cool place. The best way to keep it fresh is to keep it in a less humid place and lower temperature.

You can book your appointment online and get your L curl lashes!

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