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Questions - HOW?

 - How long does it take for a master to grow eyelashes?

 - The average time for extension is from 1.5 to 3.5 hours, it depends on several factors, such as the chosen volume and the density of your own lashes.

- How long do eyelash extensions last?

- Extended eyelashes, regardless of the chosen volume, last from 3 to 6 weeks. The first week, the work should look flawless, for the 2-3rd week our natural eyelash grows, and with it the artificial one. By the end of 5-6 weeks, the natural eyelash, along with the artificial one, falls out or is close to it. Therefore, it will not be possible to wear extended eyelashes for more than 1.5 months. The time for a complete renewal of our natural native eyelashes, which have been extended with artificial ones, takes about 30-40 days.

- How many cilia are growing at a time?

- On average, a person has from 200-400 cilia. Depending on the thickness of the client's eyelashes and her wishes, it can grow from 300 or more artificial eyelashes in one procedure.

Questions - IS IT POSSIBLE

- Can lower eyelashes be extended?

- Lower eyelash extension is a service that is just gaining its popularity. This type of building is very laborious and requires special experience and knowledge, so not all masters own this type of building. The extended lower cilia are worn much less than the upper ones. Sometimes, when wearing, you can experience discomfort if the master did not properly build up, select the length and thickness. If your upper natural lashes are too straight, they can get tangled with your lower ones. For the extension of the lower eyelashes, it is customary to use rather thin artificial fiber thicknesses (0.05-0.07 mm) and a straight bend.

- Is it possible to correct the asymmetry of the eyes with extensions?

Correcting the asymmetry of the eyes with eyelash extensions. With eyelash extensions, you can perfectly cope with the asymmetry of the eyes. An experienced craftsman will be able to choose the optimal bend and length, which will correct this appearance feature. Also, if necessary, the lashmaker mixes several bends to achieve a suitable effect.

- Is it possible to dye extended eyelashes with mascara?

The goal of eyelash extension is thick, long and lush lashes without daily maintenance and makeup. There is no need to dye extended eyelashes with mascara for the first 3 weeks. They already look voluminous, bright and attractive enough. You can start using mascara after 3-5 weeks, after more than half of the eyelash extensions have fallen out. The most important rule is to carefully remove mascara residues at the end of the day and preferably with oil-free products. Never leave mascara on your eyelash extensions. This can lead to irritation and inflammation.

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