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Why did eyelash extensions fall out?

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Have you ever wondered - why using same supplies and being applied by same master your eyelash extensions can stay on sometimes for three weeks, a month and a half, or even two?

Let's figure it out together!

Of course, we will consider this issue, taking into account the work quality of the master, 100% filling and compliance with all the rules of lash extensions application.

1. You know that our eyelashes are constantly being renewed: instead of the eyelash that have fallen out, “lived out its cycle,” new eyelash grows, and so on. But they are renewed, fortunately, not at the same time. Otherwise, once every few months, our eyes would be completely "bald".

During the extension, all client’s eyelashes are at different stages of growth.

Sometimes you have more new, growing or just grown eyelashes, and sometimes, “adults” eyelashes, ready to fall out soon.

2. In addition, there are other important factors: hormonal imbalance, health conditions, intoxication, taking medications or vitamins, and even stress. All this can affect the condition of the eyelashes, how often and quickly they are renewed.

And since eyelash extensions are applied on natural ones, they also fall out together, which eventually affects the wearing period. So, if during application of extensions, among natural eyelashes there are more “old” ones that should already fall out, or there are some moments in the internal processes of the body described above, then the wearing period will be less than usual. Thereafter, if during the application of extensions, among the natural eyelashes, there are more “young” ones, then the extension will be worn longer.

3. Also, there are the seasonal shedding, which happens to all of us every Fall and Spring. This period usually lasts around month in each of these seasons. It is very individual process. Probably, you notice sometimes your natural eyelashes fall out more than usually, they can grow in different directions, be completely different in thickness and length. This is called “seasonal shedding”. During such period we have to be patient – new eyelashes will grow!

4. Another common reason why eyelash extensions wearing period may change is that the client does not follow the homecare recommendations. But, we are sure that you know the basic rules of aftercare and adhere to them.

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